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SILVER WINGS Western Dance Club

Dave and Lesley Mather run the SILVER WINGS Western Dance Club. Dave and Lesley are excellent teachers and have a distinguished dancing background. Since discovering Western Dancing in 1994 they went on to dance competitively and won many trophies. They are respected judges at competitions yet have never lost their enthusiasm for all styles of western dance. They will always find a dance to fit a track of music, leading and encouraging everyone to enjoy an evening of Western Dancing.

SILVER WINGS is a Partner Dance Club and meets every Wednesday at St. Michael's Parish Hall, Chapel Lane, Burtonwood, Warrington, WA5 4PS (UK). We start at 8 pm and finish at 10.30 pm. St. Michael's Parish Hall has a large dance floor. We don't have a bar so please bring your own soft drinks with you. SILVER WINGS is a very friendly club.

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Where did our name come from?
Burtonwood Airbase became the largest military base outside the USA and played a major role in the Berlin airlift. Because our club is in Burtonwood and our dancing roots come from America we wanted our name to reflect this. We then found this wonderful picture of the B17, otherwise known as the Flying Fortress (Memphis Belle) and so we became SILVER WINGS (also Merle Haggard's song SILVER WINGS clinched it).

Country Music is the root of Western Dancing and we like to encourage our dancers to enjoy a dance to lots of different tracks.












Dave & Lesley Mather