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    Dances Recently Taught

    April 2017

    Hazard- Dave & Lesley Mather We heard this music and jut had to write a dance to it. We taught this at the Brymbo Partner Festival in North Wales.

    Sept 2016

    Good At Waltzin'- Dave & Lesley Mather We were looking for a more up-tempo waltz and so we came up with this one. Can you cope with this one. We taught this at the Teme Valley Partner Festival.

    March 2016

    Mayflowers - Dave & Lesley Mather Ever wanted to do a partner dance to a Two Step rhythm? Well try this one, it fits to any medium paced Two Step. Might need a bit of practise but you'll find it's worth the effort!!

    Limelight Waltz - Diane Jackson Expertly choreograph for Brymbo. Many thanks to Diane Jackson for this one.

    Biding Time - Jeff & Thelma Mills

    December 2015

    Angels & Alcohol - Carol & George Stayte It seems that everyone prefers the alternative track on this dance.

    November 2015

    Free Spirit - Jeff & Thelma Mills

    Paradise - Pat & Sue Griffiths This is an old dance that we taught as a request. We changed the music from the original as we found it went really well to 'Little Chapel' by Heather Myles from her 'Sweet Talk and Good Lies' album. Try it, you may like it!

    October 2015

    Out The Door- Chris & Trev

    September 2015

    In Front Of The Fire - Jeff & Thelma Mills

    Sweet Sangria - Dan Albro

    August 2015

    Blue Shades - Karen & Nigel Poll

    July 2015

    Strangers - Ann Williams

    An American Girl - Chris & Trev

    June 2015

    I Keep Trying - Mariette & Jean-Marc Villeneuve

    May 2015

    Holding You - Al & Sandy Ord

    Rock Together - Jeff & Thelma Mills

    April 2015

    We've had a busy Easter holiday teaching 3 new dances at the Rockytops Brymbo Festival in North Wales. We taught the following dances and they all proved very popular.

    Fairytale - Dave & Lesley Mather

    J&D Stroll - Josy Copley & Diane Jackson

    That Just About Does It - Diane Girard & Jacques Godin

    March 2015

    Fire & Ice - Dan Albro & Genna Cookson (This was taught as a request dance. It must be at least 15 years old but is still a good dance)

    February 2015

    Like A Rose Together - Lois Lightfoot & Andrea Glanvill (Another partner dance adapted from a linedance)

    January 2015

    I Don't Look Good - Jeff & Thelma Mills

    Corn Don't Grow - Chris & Trev (Adapted for partners from the linedance)

    December 2014

    The Blue Grass Waltz- Diane Jackson (A golden oldie revised to a lovely track by Kenny Rogers called 'Somebody Feels like A Fool')

    Honkytonk For Two - Carol & George Stayte (Our class preferred this dance to the alternative track by Donny Richmond called 'Next Times')

    November 2014

    Spirit Of The Angel - Jeff & Thelma Mills (Another lovely dance from a few years ago that we were asked to revisit)

    Places To Go - Chris & Trev

    October 2014

    I Told You - Dave & Lesley Mather (This is one of our earlier dances that we were asked to revise at our club)

    We Saw The Light - Caarol & George Stayte

    Too Many Pockets - Josie Copley & Diane Jackson

    September 2014

    First Fool - Dave & Lesley Mather (This is our latest dance. We taught this at the Teme Valley Partner Festival last weekend and it proved very popular)

    Island Time - Diane Jackson (This is an old dance from 2001, we did this as a 'Gold Oldie' request. The music is still often played in clubs as the linedancers do Lamtarra Rumba to it)

    August 2014

    Just A Kiss - Ann Williams/Robert McGowan Hickie (This is an old dance from 2002, we did this as a 'Golden Oldie' request)

    Uh Oh - Julie & Brian

    July 2014

    Slowin' Down - Diane Jackson

    June 2014

    Heart of Hearts - Carol & George Stayte

    May 2014

    Traveling Gypsy - Dan Albro

    March/April 2014 (These 3 dances were the ones taught at the Brymbo Festival 2014)

    Lonesome Swing - Dave & Lesley Mather

    One To One - Josie Copley & Diane Jackson

    One Way Ticket - Carol & George Stayte

    February 2014

    Shoebox - Carol & George Stayte

    Touring Around - Diane Jackson (A revision of real classic dance)

    January 2014

    Better Than This - Alan & Sonia Cole

    December 2013

    Into Your Arms - Ann Williams

    We also revised Why by Carol & George Statye and Time To Dream.

    November 2013

    During November we also revised a couple of older dances. We did:

    East Coast Switch - Fred Rappaport & Debbie Small and Rose Swing.

    Invisible - Fiona & Ian Smith

    October 2013

    Me Missing You - Ann Williams

    Spanish Gentleman - Ann Williams (The class enjoyed this dance but asked that it could be done a little faster, so we have been looking at other tracks up to 134 bpm. It works well at this speed)

    September 2013

    You Ain't Dolly - Chris & Andy Malpass

    August 2013

    Tequila Sunset - Christine & Norman Parker (Another 'Golden Oldie')

    The Trail of Tears - DJ Dan & Wynette Miler (This is a dance from 2008, taught as a request. It's choreographed to a great track. Well worth learning.)

    Elaine's Waltz - Keith Garnett (A 'Golden Oldie' revived by request.)

    July 2013

    Searching For Answers - Karen & Nigel Poll

    New Mexico - David Dabbs

    During July we also did a revision on an old waltz called 'Elaine's Waltz' by Keith Garnett

    June 2013

    I Think About You - Ann Williams

    Lay Down Beside Me - Ian & Fiona Smith

    May 2013

    Old Soldiers - Diane Jackson

    What Matters - Karen & Nigel Poll

    April 2013

    Nathan's Wagon - Doreen Ollari & Randy Pelletier

    Cheap Talk - Carol & George Stayte (This was the third dance we taught at Brymbo)

    Margarita Nights - Dave & Lesley Mather (A great new track called 'Margarita Nights' by Pete Redfern. We taught this at the Brymbo Easter festival. The track can be download free from

    March 2013

    Cherry Pie - Dave & Lesley Mather (A brilliant track called 'Little Yellow Blanket' by Dean Brodie. We taught this at the Brymbo Easter festival)

    Urban Shuffle - Ann Williams (Another revision for this 'Golden Oldie')

    Nothing's Changed Here - Heather & Fred Staddon (We danced this one to 'The Wanderer' by Eddie Rabbit. It fits great!)

    Even Closer - Eve Blay (This dance was revised as a 'Golden Oldie'. The track is still played for linedancers in many clubs. Why shouldn't we partners enjoy it too.)

    February 2013

    Cold Beer Country - Wilf & Molly Thomas

    She's Not You - Irene Lloyd (This little dance was revised form the year 2000. It can only be done to the Elvis track and is a little bit of fun!)

    January 2013

    Why - Carole & George Stayte

    December 2012

    Dear Annie - Jon S & Sylvia C

    Twixt- Terry & Caroline French (This dance was taught at the Benidorm festival in November)

    November 2012

    Knock Knock - Chris & Trev (This is done to the popular line dance track, 'Knock Knock' by Jack Savoretti)

    September 2012

    We Danced On - Carol & George Stayte (We danced this to the Gord Bamford track, 'Disappearing Tail Lights'. This is a great sound, you just want to dance to it)

    Stepping Out - Jeff & Thelma Mills (This dance is about nine years old but has recently been revised at a festival. You can have fun with this one.)

    August 2012

    Heart Is Right - Bob Hocking

    We All Bleed Red - Kalvin & Pat Finch (There was a mixed reception for the track that this dance is choreographed to, some loved it, some didn't. It's a track that has grown on me since I first heard it.)

    July 2012

    Hudson Valley Cha - Dan Albro (This dance has gone down very well at Silverwings, although most people prefer it to a slower track than the one on the script. I have tried it to 'The Most Beautiful Girl' by Charlie Rich, this seems to meet with the club's approval.)

    June 2012

    Tender Kiss - Jon S & Sylvia (A lovely little waltz that's proved a floor filler.)

    As Requested! - Karen & Nigel Poll

    May 2012

    Goodbye Blues - Chris & Andy Malpass (This dance is from 2007 but is still worth doing. It goes well to any mid tempo Two Step rhythm)

    LegLess - Jeff & Thelma Mills (If you want a bit of a work-out, try this dance to the Nappy Brown track! However my favourite track is 'Love Calls' by James Intveld)

    April 2012

    One More Thing - Chris & Andy Malpass (Another of the dances taught at both Brymbo & Barnwell, Easter 2012)

    Triple Tipple - Dave & Lesley Mather (This is the latest dance from Dave & Lesley. It was taught at both Brymbo and Barnwell festivals over the Easter weekend. The dance is meant to be done in a smooooth fashion, don't rush it. It can be done to most music in the range 85 to 100 beats per minute)

    March 2012

    No Comprende - Diane Jackson

    Something Fine - Dan Albro

    February 2012

    Rustlers Crossing - T & P Harwood (This is a lovely old dance that we were requested to revive)

    January 2012

    I Can Take It - Ann Williams

    Star Turn Shuffle - Julie & Brian (This dance has proved popular with the class)

    December 2011

    I Love You This Big - Chris & Trev (Danced to a lovely track that has really grown on me since I first heard it. This guy has a great 'Country' voice.)

    November 2011

    El Dorado - Jim & Nen Godsall (This dance was recommended to us recently and was well received by the class)

    PeterBlue - Dave & Lesley Mather (This dance was choreographed to a new track by Pete Redfern called 'I'm Gonna Be Blue'. If you

    October 2011

    Never Forgotten - Jeff & Thelma Mills (A tricky little dance but well worth the effort of learning it)

    During the evening we did a revision on Old Flame, a fun dance for social events.

    Sweet Delights - Dan Albro. (A simple little dance that should go to many different tracks)

    would like a free download of this or other Pete Redfern tracks, go to

    September 2011

    Timeless - Carol & George Stayte. (A lovely new dance released last weekend quickly gaining popularity)

    The McGraw Stroll - J Garr & J Gregory. (An easy but entertaining little dance)

    August 2011

    Arizona Cha Cha - Jim & Nen Godsall. (Another Golden Oldie dance revived at Silverwings)

    Don't Look Away - Diane Jackson. (A dance revived from 2005, choreographed to a lovely track by Gary Allan)

    July 2011

    Let's Dance - Diane Jackson. (We used 'I Shall Return' by Billy Currington as a teaching track.)

    The Lights went Out - Chris & Andy Malpass

    June 2011

    Still in Dallas - Roger & Shirley Wales

    Alligator Shuffle - Dan Albro

    May 2011

    Ramblin' Man - Jeff & Thelma Mills. This dance has become a club favourite!

    April 2011

    San Antonio Rumba - Carol & George Stayte

    Doing Alright - Dave & Lesley Mather

    March 2011

    Jack's Truck Stop - Chris & Trev

    Love Is All You Need - Carol & George Stayte This is a more upbeat dance that can be done to polka style music.

    February 2011

    Sentimental - Carol & George Stayte A dance with a nice easy rhythm.

    Yours Truly - Chris & Dave Turner

    Talk To Me - Chris & Trev

    January 2011

    The J W Walk - Ann Williams. This dance proved extremely popular and is recommended.

    During January we also revised 'The Billybob', a fun little dance from the year 2000.

    December 2010

    Enjoy Yourself - Diane Jackson

    Easy Going - Diane Jackson. A very popular and fun dance at Silverwings.

    The Last Waltz - Bob Hocking & Josie Copley

    November 2010

    Falling Rain - Al & Sandy Ord

    Alone With You - Ron & Pauline Clayton

    October 2010

    Pretty Good - Dave & Lesley Mather

    September 2010

    Missing You - Dave & Lesley Mather. A dance everyone jumps up for!

    Waltz With Me - Ann Bambury

    August 2010

    Cookies 'N' Cream - Jim & Nen Godsall

    Baby Don't Go - Michelle & Marc Archambault

    Spring Swing - Rick & Deborah Bates

    July 2010

    Lonesome- John & Kate Corbett

    June 2010

    Always With You - David Dabbs

    Come Dance With Us - Wild Willy

    Country Boots - Carol & George Stayte

    May 2010

    Syncopated Rhythm - Diane Jackson

    Who's In Love - Ann Williams

    April 2010

    If I Were You - Heather & Fred

    Your Backyard - Chris & Andy Malpass

    March 2010

    All We Want - Julie & Brian, J.B. Western Dancers

    February 2010

    Golden Stroll - Jim & Nen Godsall

    January 2010

    Time To Go - Jeff & Thelma Mills

    December 2009

    Plain Crazy - Diane Jackson

    November 2009

    This Train - Al & Sandy Ord

    October 2009

    Spirit of the Angel - Jeff & Thelma Mills

    I Told You - Dave & Lesley Mather